Membership Application

Wisconsin Nude Men

Policies & Etiquette

Rev. 3/2023

  1. Wisconsin Nude Men (WNM) is a men-only group. Women are not allowed to attend.
  2. All information about group members and group business is confidential and shall not be discussed with those outside the club. You may talk to friends about the group in general, but you may not discuss who has been at any event. Violation of this confidence will result in loss of your membership.
  3. WNM doesn't allow unregistered "guests". However, we do offer one-year trial memberships that entitle you to attend up to two events before having to pay the membership fee and become a full member.
  4. Reservations are required for all events. E-vite notices are sent out for events. To attend the event, members must either reply via the E-vite or US Mail by the stated deadline. Those showing up at the door without reservations will be turned away. Event fees are payable upon arrival. Members who make reservations for an event but do not show up and do not call to cancel prior to the event are responsible for the event fees; until the fee is paid, membership will be suspended.
  5. The fee for each event shall be $20.00 for full and trial members, unless stated differently in the event notice. These monies will be used to reimburse the host(s) for expenses plus a stipend. Receipts are required for cost reimbursements.
  6. As members, please show mature behavior and respect for the property and requests of the host(s). Mature behavior also applies to responsible use of alcohol as well as sexual conduct.
  7. Events generally begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 11:00 p.m.; unless noted otherwise.
  8. Do not expect the host(s) to provide overnight accommodations. If the host(s) offers to put you up overnight, please do not overstay your welcome the next day.
  9. Wisconsin Nude Men is a nudist group that promotes body acceptance. Clothing is not optional. This means the only textile product that Members should have with them is their towel and socks. This also means no textile fetish wear (T-shirts, underwear, jockstraps, etc.) should be worn at WNM.
  10. Members are required to bring along a large towel. It is to be used to cover furniture when sitting down. Since sexual contact may occur at events, it can be used to clean up.
  11. WNM provides opportunities for men to enjoy each other’s company in a safe and non- judgmental environment. WNM recognizes that the level of sexual interest will vary widely among members. WNM does not encourage nor prohibit members engaging in consensual sexual behavior within reasonable guidelines which include:
    • A zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment
    • Respectfully adhering to the personal boundaries of others
    • An expectation that all attendees will utilize discretion and common sense.
    • Event hosts have designated areas where sexual exploration and activities may take place separate from social spaces.
    • WNM encourages safe sex practices, hosts provide condoms at all events in designated play spaces.
    • Violations of these guidelines may result in ejection from an event and a board review of membership status.
  12. Please be responsible and clean up after yourself. Discard trash and/or recyclables in the proper receptacles.
  13. The smoking policy shall be left to the discretion of the host(s).
  14. WNM is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Theft of any kind will not be tolerated. A complaint will be filed with the local police and charges will be pressed. If convicted, loss of membership will result with no refund of dues.
  15. Use of illegal drugs of any kind will not be tolerated. Loss of membership and removal from all events will result.
  16. As a protection to members and hosts, please do not bring weapons to WNM events/into hosts' homes. (This includes members who have concealed carry/right-to-carry permits.)
  17. Photography is prohibited at all WNM Events.
  18. It shall be the policy of the Wisconsin Nude Men to treat bad checks received as follows: The person who wrote the check shall be given the opportunity to make good on the check for the amount the check was written for, plus any bank charges pertaining to this check. The person who wrote that check will not be allowed to attend any monthly events until the check is made good. If this happens more than twice, the person shall be made to pay by cash or a money order for future events. The Board of Directors shall look at each case on an individual basis. If the member refuses to make good on the check, the Board shall revoke this person’s membership.
  19. When communicating with WNM via land mail, always enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you expect to receive a reply.

Thank You!